aprilia rs 125 crash bobbins/sliders/protectors

westyorkshirebikebreakers are the main distributers of the 
aprilia rs 125 crash bobbins/sliders/protectors/sliders and also nick named mushrooms.

No drilling needed we use a 5mm aircraft strength bolt to fit them to the side fairings and through to your 5mm pre threaded hole in both sides of your frame.
Please note to fit to the 2006 to present day remove the spacers and bolt the 60mm in length x 40mm width mushroom with the shorter bolt in the kit

We also sell the rs 250 crash bobbins/sliders/protectors,these fit with a 6mm bolt.

These crash bobbins are 60mm in length and 40mm diameter.
Items come with the spacer at standard length.
A 5mm bolt connects all items to the frame on the rs 125 and 6mm on the rs 250.
These sliders are brilliant and made from poly acetal oil filled resin bar/rod.
These items are made specaily for the rs 125 and rs 250 only.

You will save your rs 125,250 from total destruction if you fit these items to the left and the right hand side of your lower fairings at the middle of the frame connection.

We also sell carbon Gp racing fairing supports.
See our products on buy it now in our webs store.

aprilia rs 125 crash bobbins/sliders/protectors/mushrooms/fairing supports/carbon design/Rossi blue/Biaggi black/ Spains No 1 red

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